Truck car video surveillance system construction program


1 Introduction

1.1. Project Background

Concrete is the construction industry is the most important building materials, basically used in the circulation of concrete trucks for transportation, the current most difficult in the concrete ready-mix business management, there are several problems to be solved: First, the utilization of vehicles; second is To prevent the driver of the vehicle is not good faith behavior; Third, serious speeding phenomenon; especially in the transport part of the dishonest drivers, private construction materials such as concrete building materials, the prevailing speeding phenomenon is the main cause of frequent traffic accidents. In addition, according to the survey of concrete ready-mixers, the utilization rate of concrete ready-mixers in our country is still less than 35%. Vehicle drivers accidentally stole material during transport. Therefore, how to solve the above two major issues has become the key issue of the industry. Managers can always know the location of the vehicle information, to avoid personal cheating drivers, and in all aspects of a variety of resources to minimize waste. Optimize the allocation of resources for concrete enterprises to improve their market competitiveness, will play a positive role in promoting. Concrete vehicle management ultimate goal is to reduce costs and improve service levels, which requires concrete enterprises to timely, accurate and comprehensive grasp of the information on transport vehicles, transport vehicles to achieve real-time monitoring and scheduling. The development of modern science and technology, communication technology, the maturity of 3G / 4G / GIS technology and the widespread application of GPRS wireless communication technology have provided powerful and effective tools for vehicle management of modern concrete enterprises. The combination of 3G / 4G wireless network and Internet will optimize the allocation of resources to concrete enterprises and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. In order to meet the market demand, concrete enterprises urgently need to apply various advanced science and modern management to improve operational efficiency and quality so as to put the transportation intelligence and modern management at the top of the list. In view of this, the provision of 3G / 4G on-board equipment for concrete transport vehicles is necessary because it can block management loopholes and improve transport efficiency.

1.2. Concrete car 3G / 4G video surveillance role

l Reduce investment in vehicles by over 10% and reduce investment risks

Dispatchers can obtain comprehensive and timely dynamic information from the concrete truck 3G / 4G supervision system so as to make the rational allocation of resources and greatly reduce the phenomenon of "pressure car" on site. Increased vehicle utilization by more than 10-20% due to improved vehicle utilization, thus reducing vehicle purchases and reducing significant additional costs associated with additional vehicles (eg increased road maintenance, driver's wages, fuel costs, wearing consumables, etc. ). Reduce investment is to reduce investment risk.

Solve the dispatch often appear in the site "car" problem

The exclusive height interface of the single giant concrete mixer makes the complicated "operation and management" concept of the past "a figure of self-understanding", and dispatchers can easily control the production, command the vehicles and minimize the construction sites through the concrete truck 3G / 4G supervision "Press the car." The dispatch interface intuitively and concisely see the use of each site vehicles, each car's operating conditions, so that timely production arrangements, the rational scheduling of vehicles to meet the needs of more site tasks; and can call the vehicle , Through timely voice communication, the scheduling becomes more convenient and effective.

Solve the dispatch often appear in the site "broken material" problem

After using 3G / 4G supervision system of concrete truck, the number of vehicles in each construction site can be intuitively and dynamically understood, and the distance from the vehicle to the construction site can be accurately tracked to reduce the number of breakage in the construction site and prevent the product from being cut off for a long time Quality problems and customer complaints, reduce customer complaints on services, improve corporate reputation, enhance customer loyalty.
l solve the problem of flight navigation blind spot
Because every month enterprises have to receive a few or even a dozen sites, and drivers are often not familiar with the site to the road, leading to the road for up to 10 minutes, due to scheduling drivers do not know the specific location of the site specific location, can not give Correct navigation of the driver led the driver to go the wrong way, wasting time and aggravating the vehicle's nervousness, increasing unnecessary fuel consumption and calling while driving, which also affected the driving safety.
l reduce fuel costs and other expenses
Due to take the initiative to keep abreast of the situation on site vehicles and vehicles to avoid the site "pressure car" to reduce fuel consumption; navigation features to reduce the driver to go the wrong way to reduce fuel consumption; speed alarm function, and high speed will increase vehicle fuel consumption; The system automatically counts the mileage of each vehicle, each month the concrete transport volume statistics, each vehicle fuel consumption statistics, each vehicle can accurately calculate the fuel consumption per kilometer concrete data. Through the comparison between vehicles, the award Excellent fine, management-oriented drivers to encourage conscious fuel-efficient, thus effectively reducing the average fuel consumption.

2. Concrete car 3G / 4G video surveillance overall design

2.1. Design Principles of Concrete Car 3G / 4G Video Surveillance

We have followed the following principles in the technical implementation of the 3G / 4G supervisory system for concrete trucks:
● real-time monitoring: 24 hours a day satellite positioning tracking.
● safety management: speeding, fatigue driving automatic alarm, you can report inquiries.
● full record: 12 months of driving data playback and recording.
● Dispatch command: support Han screen, voice broadcast multiple scheduling ways.
● Regional alarm: the vehicle beyond the scope of the provisions of the police immediately alarm.
● line inspection: Track playback can check tolls, gas station bills and so on.
● remote recovery: the driver unlock the car immediately after the normal application.
● High reliability: not easy to damage.
● easy to maintain: you can remotely reboot the device for easy maintenance.
● small size: easy to conceal installation.
● easy to operate: you can easily search for vehicles, off-line vehicle separation, alarm reports.

2.2. Concrete car 3G / 4G monitoring system economy
Concrete car 3G / 4G regulatory system designed to minimize the cost in the optimal performance of the situation, seeking to maximize cost-effective; all alone software system is developed to facilitate long-term cooperation, but also to ensure economic software systems.

2.3.System overall structure

2.4. Concrete 3G / 4G monitoring system functions
2.4.1. Positioning tracking, multi-car tracking
● Instant positioning.
● Continuous record vehicle position default 30 seconds.
● Parameters recorded include: speed, position, driving direction, alarm status.
● In a new window to achieve more car colleagues tracking comparison.
2.4.2. Speeding, fatigue driving safety monitoring
● speeding alarm: vehicles over different road sections can be set to different speed limits.
● Fatigue driving: can set continuous driving X hours without turning off the rest 3G / 4G alarm
2.4.3. Track recording and playback
● Positioning trace interval adjustable 5 ~ 65535 seconds, the default 30 seconds
● track can be saved, if necessary, can use the CD-ROM backup.
● track playback: you can adjust the playback speed, pause and other operations.
● commonly used to check the vehicle's driving routes, gas stations, toll information.
2.4.4. Concrete mixer scheduling
● Text Scheduling: The center sends a message on the screen, and you need to install the Han Text Scheduling screen.
● Voice scheduling: The scheduling information delivered by the center is directly played out by voice and needs to be installed with the text announcer,
2.4.5. Limit driving range
● E-fence: The platform can set a designated area on the client's electronic map.
● Regional Alarm: Users can set the vehicle into or out of this area to take the initiative to monitor the computer alarm.

3. System Overview

The entire system is divided into front-end vehicle monitoring system, communication lines, monitoring platform front-end vehicle monitoring system also includes car DVR, surveillance cameras, monitor head, alarm button, alarm flash, LCD display, intercom headset, 3G / 4G and other communications The line includes EDGE / CDMA 1X and background command center Ethernet network monitoring platform includes monitoring software and a series of service groups such as GIS, streaming media, database and application server. It can build multi-polar Monitoring platform, the level of logic can be flexibly configured according to needs, the system has good scalability.
3.1. Vehicle monitoring equipment
The front-end car DVR can carry on the local video recording, the picture resolution is CIF (324x288), HD1 (704x288), D1 (704x576) Adjustable, can set the starting video, regular video recording, alarm video recording and other modes, and vehicles through wireless upload The image information can be stored on the storage server of the monitoring schedule management platform through video recording.
l delay shutdown function
Support delayed shutdown, time 0-300 minutes can be set, through the delay shutdown function, you can ensure that the set time after the vehicle flame can still continue to record.
Wide voltage input DC8V-36V wide voltage input, to adapt to the vehicle in driving, braking, acceleration of the battery output voltage changes.
l Data backup
Can support two SD cards, maximum support 128G
l Video data using proprietary formats and digital watermarking technology, can not tamper with the data to ensure data security, and can be converted into.
3.2. Communication system
1, support double code stream (independent video code stream and network code stream)
2, suitable for narrowband transmission and wireless transmission
3, support for wireless network environment transmission CIF / QCIF format video stream.
4, unicast / multicast optional
5, TCP / UDP optional
6, support remote network real-time monitoring and video file download
7, support for remote network query and playback DVR video files
8, support two-way audio and video transmission, through the network for two-way voice intercom

1.1. Platform architecture and function

Client real-time video surveillance:

1, the platform adopts C / S mode architecture, using the mainstream database, platform based on components to achieve video surveillance and video playback. Platform software design has practical, compatibility, scalability, reliability and other basic network management requirements.
2, the platform has automatic alarm connection function, wireless network after the break and then pass the function, access to all devices under the platform can automatically connect to the monitoring system and work properly.
3, the client software has a good user interface, and has the image window, GIS window, alarm window, video playback window, device management window and other auxiliary interface.
4, through the platform to complete equipment, user registration management; alarm information, control signaling forwarding; equipment, user configuration management; alarm access processing, linkage;
5, remote real-time monitoring, real-time tracking and monitoring of electronic maps, remote download video files, vehicle historical data playback;
3G / 4G applications
1, through the built-in or external 3G / 4G module can achieve real-time positioning of vehicles, vehicle historical track playback, voice broadcast and other functions.
Driving record collection
2, rich I / O interface, you can record the direction of the vehicle during driving, speed, temperature, switch the door, ignition flameout and other information.
Video playback
Playback analysis software can analyze historical data, which can be used to get the video images, current speed, driving track and sensor information of the vehicle, and provide strong evidence to the post-case analysis (advanced database-based search mode; 4 colleagues playback comparison; geographic information 3G / 4G simultaneous playback; vehicle speed and alarm log and alarm time at the same time

4 Magnolia Technology perfect service system

(A) technical support and service projects
1, equipment installation and system integration services
2, for all equipment to provide the appropriate warranty period free maintenance services
3, the application software to provide one year of free upgrades and maintenance services
4, signed a maintenance contract for the overall warranty service (costs are negotiated between the parties)
5, to provide permanent free telephone consultation technical support services
6, the software involved in the project secondary development and related technical training, we will provide you with a preferential price.
7, To open the interface of our program to third-party software developers, we can provide you the corresponding interfaces and documents. We only provide it to you and do not directly contact the third-party software developers. The code, documents, pictures, magnetic media and other intellectual property related to the interface of our program are owned by us and the third party software developers shall not be quoted or copied without our company's products or advertisements without our authorization , Document information and so on.
8, After the construction of monitoring system is completed, we will cooperate with you to complete the handover work of the project.
(B) hardware and equipment services and commitments
All hardware devices from the system final acceptance date, according to the corresponding equipment warranty period of 12 months free overall warranty. The warranty period, due to the quality of the equipment itself, I replace the free replacement or repair; non-equipment quality caused by the failure and damage and warranty repairs, I will charge labor costs, transportation and materials costs. After the free whole warranty, our company will continue to provide maintenance services for life, if you need to add features or need additional equipment, we will actively cooperate and give price concessions. If you need to continue my company to provide the overall warranty tasks, the specific costs can be signed by both parties signed a maintenance agreement.
(C) application software services and commitments
From requirements analysis of application software to system design, software programming, software testing, software training, system commissioning, system maintenance, and on-demand customization, our company provides users with a full range of services from start to finish.
(D) technical documents, data transfer
All technical documents, data transfer, the system is fully implemented. The technical documents and related materials to be transferred shall include all relevant design materials, special instructions, hardware and software test reports, installation and usage, commissioning records, manuals for installation and other materials as well as CD-ROMs, etc. of the hardware, software and systems.
(E) daily technical support and questions to answer
1, on-site technical support
2, telephone, fax questions and answers
(F) other service commitments
Magnolia Technology with its own technical advantages, during the warranty period, the technical problems for users will likely provide on-site services to enable users to quickly become familiar with and grasp the use of the entire system. During the warranty period, if the buyer has a major event, our company will send someone to the site to provide system operation guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the activity. Under normal circumstances, the equipment inspection will be conducted on a regular basis.
(Seven) service principle
Shenzhen Magnaport Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. in all parts of the system engineering projects in accordance with the tender technical requirements and contract contracts, the quality and quantity to complete the successful project, has been the consistent acclaim users. At the same time I am in the company's technology products are determined to make progress, the selection of the most advanced and mature equipment and technology, supporting products in the selection of reliable, high-performance and stable products.

Our service has always followed the principle of: proactive, timely, effective and satisfied.

1, take the initiative: Our dedicated service staff will be implemented on a regular basis and customer contact (usually a week), to understand the latest customer usage and implementation of statistics, and make recommendations based on customer needs.
2, timely: For some unexpected problems encountered by customers, we get the message of maintenance, we must respond within 20 minutes, the shortest time to arrive at the scene to solve the problem, to ensure the resumption of use in the shortest possible time.
3, effective: effective solution to the problem is our standard, it is our embodiment of technical strength, which is our most solid backing.
4, Satisfied: The most wanted of our efforts is customer's satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our motivation to pursue perfection.