BUS/TRUCK 4G vehicle monitoring solution



BUS/TRUCK, as the main carrier of urban distribution, play an important role in maintaining the production and living needs of residents and in the normal operation of urban functions. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, 1.56 million new trucks were added nationwide, the monthly average increase of which was the highest in five years. However, the accompanying risks of freight transportation also surged and the safety of vans and trucks was facing a more severe test.

After analyzing the recent traffic safety situation, the Ministry of Public Security and Traffic Control Administration pointed out that due to factors such as weight and volume, large turning radius, many blind spots, low traveling speed and long braking distance, BUS/TRUCK are the main source of frequent accidents! Enhance the BUS/TRUCK safety has been urgent!

As a brand manufacturer specializing in 
BUS/TRUCK monitoring and driving record equipment, it has the advantages of product development and manufacturing and designs a complete set of BUS/TRUCK monitoring system to realize real-time audio and video monitoring, real-time positioning monitoring, speeding alarm, line deviation Move alarm, mileage statistics, to achieve safe, scientific and efficient scheduling and management!

Car front end

Car front-end mainly includes car host, camera, emergency alarm button, display and other equipment to achieve the image, driving information and other data collection.

Magnolia to create exclusive private mode,  BUS/TRUCK and truck monitoring products across the board with  BUS/TRUCK and special waterproof camera, real-time monitoring of vehicles, driving records, before and after the dual recording, reversing rearview, infrared night vision and other powerful practical features to help owners get rid of the blind dead of vision, Built-in AHD technology, with IR (infrared) lens, higher image clarity, even in the night, but also to provide high-definition images, greatly enhance driving safety.

Central server

The central server back-end software is mainly responsible for storing, processing, statistics and analysis of the data collected by the front end of the vehicle and then providing it to the monitoring and management client for display; meanwhile, it also receives various operation instructions, scheduling instructions and management information from the monitoring and management terminal After processing, delivered to the front of the car. Achieve management of vehicles on the monitoring and management of information and interactive!