Tanker vehicle monitoring system solutions



The tanker's transportation status is difficult to grasp in real time, to a certain extent, restricted the improvement of business efficiency. The safe transportation of fuel products has always been the focus of concern in the management of oil transportation enterprises. Theft, robbery and employee irregularities in the transportation of fuel products have brought varying degrees of loss to the enterprises. However, ordinary computer systems Management of information has been unable to solve this problem, with a set of real-time monitoring of fuel transport vehicles for mobile positioning system has become an indispensable assistant in the management of oil transport enterprises. The continuous improvement and development of 3G / GPS technology provides a new way for the storage and transportation management of oil transportation industry. With GPS technology, the 3D coordinates of spatial location can be determined quickly, accurately and in real time, which greatly shortens the update period of information sources . The application of GPS monitoring system will reduce the cost to a greater extent. It will play a positive role in optimizing the allocation of resources and improving the market competitiveness of petroleum transportation enterprises.
Oil tanker vehicles carry oil transportation tasks from oil depots to gas stations and other places. Due to the nature of their movement, the difficulty of management is increased. How to ensure the safety of tank cars, economic operation, is placed in front of managers problems.
The rapid development of electronic technology, in terms of means to solve the above problems. Magnolia vehicle monitoring system, the use of advanced global satellite positioning technology real-time tracking tank car location, Beidou video platform real-time monitoring of the import and export of oil on, off the state, through the video upload background to the above information to the regulatory center on the tank car management, improve dispatching efficiency, effectively prevent the midway unloading and "run private life" and other irregularities, making the car safer tanks, economic operation.

Tank car vehicle monitoring system functions

1.Contain stealing oil

The common problem of stealing oil during transportation is that the GPS monitoring system and the Beidou video operation platform are effectively combined to monitor the working status of the oil tanker truck port in real time. Tank mounted GPS terminals, data acquisition, oil level sensors, etc., the oil level sensor installed in the tanker out of the oil part of the port, the oil switch with the effective operation of the trigger information, and the information through the data line The data is sent to the cab by the data collector. The data collector uses GPS terminal to send the status information to the monitoring center through CDMA / GPRS, and real-time monitoring of the working state of the oil and gas port of the tank car is carried out all day. The combination of GPS monitoring system and Beidou video operation platform has greatly enhanced the operational efficiency and safety management level of dangerous goods transport enterprises such as oil and liquefied petroleum gas.

2.Security alarm

For all vehicles on the network, in the event of police intelligence, the driver just press the alarm switch, about 5 seconds the center system can receive alarm information, while the center receives the car automatically capture the image and automatically start the car sound monitoring, Quickly understand the movement of oil filling the car, promptly notify the relevant departments in a timely manner linkage. In addition, when driving in the face of danger or traffic accidents, vehicle failure, etc., through the vehicle terminal alarm button to the monitoring center for help.

3. Real-time monitoring

The establishment of a set of real-time monitoring of oil filling truck scheduling, unified management system is particularly important. The development of GPS and wireless communication networks has enabled the use of high-tech comprehensive monitoring of oil filling vehicles, which can clearly and real-timely know the location of vehicles, display the speed of vehicles and image monitoring information on the electronic map so that the managers can control them at any time Current status of oil filling vehicles.

4.Strict control of speeding

Oil irrigation vehicles are generally limited speed driving regulations, and transportation can not be free to stop. The monitoring center can set the speed limit in advance. When the driving speed of the vehicle exceeds or falls below the specified threshold, the alarm information will be automatically sent out. So that the monitoring center to take measures to alert the driver to pay attention to speed or require the driver to report the situation.

5. illegal routes

In order to strengthen the management of oil-filled vehicles, vehicles are generally required to operate in restricted routes and in specific areas, and can not stop at any time during transport. Monitoring Center may pre-set limits on the route and driving range, once the oil filling vehicles out of the limited range, the monitoring center will automatically send the corresponding alarm information and converted into voice and text messages to remind drivers and other timely information. The center can take measures according to the actual situation.

6. Track playback

Once the oil tanker truck accidents, the use of GPS car arrived at the scene of the accident the first time, reducing the minimum loss caused by the accident. Through the industry GPS car terminal can track playback function, understand the vehicles in the past some time driving track information point, the information for accident inquiry, liability identification and provide strong evidence.

7. Extended features

System design has multiple expansion interface for easy expansion. According to need, the system can send the data to the traffic station, public security bureau, transportation management department and other related departments to achieve resource sharing.
The system uses a modular design, which can be easily compatible with other manufacturers terminals to provide fair competition opportunities.

8. Report statistics

The system has the data statistical analysis function, assists the accident analysis, the accident situation is well documented. Monitoring Center through the statistical analysis of vehicle historical data, get the corresponding report. Such as calculating the driver's driving time, the completion of driving tasks, the number of irregularities, the number of accidents and so on, so as to formulate a practical and efficient tanker driving program; at the same time, the statistics of the operation and consumption of tanker trucks can be achieved Scientific management and monitoring, saving money, improving the driving efficiency and safety of tank trucks and enabling tank trucks to accomplish their tasks better.