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HP-360 ° panoramic monitoring system comprehensive upgrade


3.15 just over, and a number of shoddy manufacturers were exposed, look at the automotive electronics after the market, but also a flames of smoke. When traffic safety electronics is not only the major manufacturers to seek the interests of the entry point, but to become a social responsibility, the product will be stable quality innovation to win the consumer's favorite and trust.
Magnolia video as a passenger car driving safety leader, the company flagship product "360 ° panoramic monitoring system" to meet the safety of the truck driver pain points to improve the details and function upgrades. But also because of this continuous innovation and upgrading, but also to Magnolia video products far ahead in the vans car electronic aftermarket market, won the industry's attention and trust.



Product upgrades one: to create exclusive private mode

With the safety of passenger cars increasingly popular, many manufacturers have begun to do passenger car driving safety electronic products, but look at today's vans car electronic car backpack market, you will find a lot of similar figure, they have the same appearance, but the function Configuration but not flattered. Magnolia to create differentiated products, to create an exclusive private mode, the host streamline design, the overall appearance, technology sense bursting. And Magnolia is trying to use the rigorous norms of private mode, to ensure that the product yield.
To create an exclusive private mode, the host using streamlined design

Product upgrade two: high-definition camera broad vision visual zero error

Magnolia 360 ° panoramic surveillance video recorder from the [host + monitor + four high-definition night vision camera] composition. Large trucks are usually installed in front of the car, after the left and right four directions, can achieve the theory of 360 ° no dead driving. Whether it is driving, reversing, right angle can play a certain degree from the auxiliary role, so that the horizon of friends more open, so you avoid the cut rub, rollover caused by the accident.


HP-360 ° panoramic surveillance video recorder [host + monitor + four high-definition night vision camera]
But the market a lot of four-way high-definition night vision camera with daylight color, night vision is poor, especially in the rainy day when the image is unclear, high temperature is easy to burst, easily lead to visual errors, fuzzy and so on problems lead to frequent accidents The So, in the camera, Magnolia to achieve a breakthrough upgrade, the use of mini-bus million high-definition camera, built-in AHD technology, with IR (infrared) lens, with advanced bright color separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, So that the image clarity is higher, the image reduction is better. At the same time, it can infrared explosion-proof, shock, waterproof, regardless of the owner at night, fog or high temperature environment, are able to ensure that the front and rear of the image clear video, restore the screen color, really safe to make foolproof.

Four high-definition night vision camera
HP-360 ° panoramic surveillance video recorder, host and monitor using key control. Can be controlled by the remote control, real-time view of the playback. 24-hour monitoring to help the cart friend to solve the "worries", easy to operate peace of mind. With "delay power data protection" function, cycle video does not leak seconds, before and after the four simultaneous monitoring function, capture screen display in the 7.0-inch display, four split screen, remote control operation, can be a single view.
In addition to product upgrades, the more exclusive new packaging, from inside to outside to bring you to Zhen's product experience.


Exclusive new packaging
HP-360 ° panoramic surveillance video recorder for all types of carts, power supply voltage 12-36V. It is widely used in transportation, long distance passenger transport, tourist bus, logistics freight, police vehicles, trains, subways, ships, airplanes and other mobile vehicles, such as small and medium-sized compact, low-power, no noise, flexible installation and convenient system.


Remote control operation / four-way video recording / motion monitoring / delay power data protection / 3G / 4G remote monitoring (optional) / real-time live playback / video with the recording / infrared night vision
Summary: how to effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and improve the safety factor of passenger cars driving, which is not only the drivers need to solve the problem, but also the entire vans car electronic aftermarket market needs to think about the problem. From the product upgrades, functional breakthroughs, to the passenger car drivers to bring practical security, Magnolia 360 ° panoramic monitoring system can be said to be worthy of these.