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Truck drivers need an early warning system


There are many kinds of unexpected accidents, but as a probabilistic factor, this is not the main reason for the accident. In addition to the problem of car failure and sudden anomalies, the most common accident "incentive" and the driver's fatigue driving behavior has a great relationship.

The dangers of fatigue driving

According to the survey, in the traffic accident, because the driver fatigue driving, attention is not concentrated cause 60% of the accident, and each driver friend also deeply understand, especially long-distance transport of the truck driver, as a high risk of fatigue driving Crowd, well aware of the dangers of fatigue driving.
The relevant departments have also made it clear that the passenger and freight drivers must be required to ensure adequate rest before driving, driving the process of continuous driving time shall not exceed 4 hours, each stop rest time of not less than 20 minutes.
But even well prepared, but in the summer and other high temperature weather, drowsy, inattention is still troubled by the driver friends. At this time, with fatigue driving warning function of vehicle safety electronic products have come into play.



On July 14-16, 2017, at the Kyushu (Autumn) show in Shenzhen, Magnolia video exhibited its newly upgraded vans monitoring products, implanted with fatigue warning and ADAS advanced auxiliary driving two systems, Passenger and freight drivers to play a safe driving a certain role.




The first is the fatigue driving warning system

Magnolia video in its vans monitoring system to load the "fatigue driving warning" function. By aiming at the driver's infrared camera, real-time scanning driver in the process of facial expression, eye, pupil changes, for a long time to close the eyes (drowsiness), bow (inattention) and other dangerous driving behavior for timely warning, Before the accident to remind the driver to pay attention to traffic safety, but also to remind the driver if there is fatigue driving behavior, please stop and then start.


Labor driving warning system on the driver's eye, facial expressions for real-time scanning

ADAS Advanced Auxiliary Driving System

In addition to fatigue driving warnings, Magnolia video vans monitoring system also implanted ADAS advanced auxiliary driving system, in the driving lane offset (LDWS), before the car from the distance (FCWS) in time for sound warning.


This ADAS system can be used with the fatigue driving warning system, both through the timely warning of the police to alert the driver driving safety, effectively reduce the probability of accident.
Vermicers as a large vehicle, the accident is no small matter, driving safety requires the operator's compliance, but also need to support the safety of electronic products.