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HOPE video year group travel


July 14, 2017 Shenzhen Kyushu (Autumn) exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening. As the automotive electronics industry in the three major exhibition of the finale of the exhibition, must also attract a large number of manufacturers and channel exhibitors, exhibitions. However, in this section of the eye, but also participated in this exhibition Magnolia video actually in the distance to carry out less than 10 days when the organization of corporate travel!
Show layout do not have to do? Material ready not to control? Customers pave the way? Do not know is big, or a well-thought ... ...

In this regard, Magnolia video at the helm Ni said: the purpose of the work is a better life! We can not work for the reasons and forget the life, a good corporate culture to gather a cohesive, fighting team! Good team can give customers a good product and services, channels can be at ease, liking!
In addition, in view of video over the first half of Magnolia reach development goals, the second half of July is just getting on the field a lot of orders to a "fled" Xanadu, do not care numerous trips to 2017 to a "nexus" could not be better!

set off! Destinations "Dapeng City"

July 8 at 2 pm the whole, Magnolia people in Magnolia video headquarters assembly, boarded the bus went to this trip destination - Dapeng City!

Dapeng City, located in the eastern part of Shenzhen Dapeng New District, was built in the Ming Hongwu twenty-seven years, is the Ming and Qing dynasties in southern China's coastal defense fortress, with more than 600 years to resist the history of foreign aggression, the emergence of Ryan, Lai Xinyang, Tin, Liu Qi Long, Liu black and a number of outstanding national hero, Shenzhen "Pengcheng" is the name that is derived from this. Dapeng City is the focus of cultural relics protection units in Guangdong Province and patriotism education base.
Choose here for the purpose of travel, for the well-intentioned - do not forget national humiliation, hard work!

Singing all the way happy travel

2 more than a few hours by car, so dry to sit? of course not! The group was led by the management staff, is divided into "eagle", "super", "ants" three squads. In the road time, three team captain spontaneous organization to "love" as the key words singing Solitaire PK race, all the way singing, happy travel!





Battlefield soldiers and brave wins

5 pm, Magnolia team arrived at the destination, a little rest, immediately went to the "battle." A "intense" real person CS then unfolds.

By the scene equipment limit "Eagle", "super", "ants" three teams into two teams to start "fight."




Especially praised is Magnolia "female soldiers", women do not let the eyebrows, in the battle dare to fight, dare to red.

In the end, the three battle down to "ants" captain led the red side to "small" broad 2: 1 victory over the blue side, made "battle" the final victory!

Put it on and relax

The end of the campaign, at 8 pm, no team activities, "red tape", Ni total simple sentence: "put aside the trouble, relax!" Opened Magnolia "nightlife."





The seaside is strong and the sun is thick

July 9, the next day! In the beautiful natural harbor Dapeng Bay, Magnolia people step on the sand waves, enjoy the seaside happy time, launched a spectacular tug of war.





Three games do not ask the outcome, all the gentleman's full participation in the show team together, as if the sun is thick, unlimited ability



Keen for public welfare to do civilized gentleman

Beach as a tourist gathering place, the beautiful scenery is also difficult to conceal garbage chaos throw throw "stain". The grandpa group built, thick grass people launched "to do civilized gentleman" activities, not only do not leave their own garbage, it is spontaneous clean up the beach other "legacy" garbage, so civilized gentleman - In one.





Feel the history of washing the mind

Dapeng City as the "Pengcheng" in the name of the land, with more than 600 years of civilization history. Here, there are three places can not be missed.
First was built in the Ming Dynasty Hongwu twenty-seven years (AD 1394) of the Dongshan Temple. Meticulous, magnificent spectacular "main hall" is awe-inspiring, but also can feel the religious culture to bring the telepathic. At this moment, the time can be slower and then slow, stole half a day free, forget the world ... ... on a wish, for their own family!


Patchwork of streets, deep walls, still able to feel the history of leisurely, lamented the suffering. Feel the history, forget history, good governance, hard work!

The two-day night's Dapeng city trip came to an end. This is the first half of the hard work of the achievements of the affirmation, which is the best way to open the second half of the work, let us for the new goal "challenge themselves and create greater glory"!