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Warmly congratulate HOPE on joining AEIA


Warmly congratulate Shenzhen Houpu Technology Development Co., Ltd. to join the Shenzhen Automobile Electronics Industry Association, and become the Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association executive director member units!

Billions of small passenger cars to maintain the amount of China's commercial class passenger and cargo holdings also reached nearly 2,000 million. In this context of holding market, passenger car traffic recorder and other camera technology based on the safety of electronic products of concern, in stark contrast to the customer, the goods and trucks of such products in the field of "one of the few" The However, as a passenger truck in the field of passenger transport and commerce, their accident costs are higher and traffic safety electronic products are also in demand. So, why is it happening in the safety of driving the electronics field Passenger car heat is higher than the passenger, the truck? How is the market for passenger electronics and truck safety electronics? December 15, 2016, Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association Secretariat - Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Huijun, member of the Department of Liao Zuwu visited the Shenzhen Magnolia Technology Development Co., Ltd., a focus on passenger and truck traffic safety Electronic products of high-tech enterprises. And its deputy general manager Ni Haojie to discuss the safety of passenger cars driving the electronic market situation.



Left: Shenzhen Houpu Technology Development Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Ni Haojie right: Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Huijun




Shenzhen Magnolia Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is a professional engaged in car rear view, vehicle monitoring, vehicle intelligence and automotive network of high-tech electronic product development, production and sales as one of the technology companies, A strong R & D design and technical personnel, the establishment of a hard work, excellent ability of the business marketing team and a complete and scientific quality management system. In September this year, Magnolia Technology also passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, causing the industry's staff and the major channels, the user's attention. With its unique background, Shenzhen Magnolia Technology in the domestic market in the steady development of its sales network has been all over the country and exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries and Brazil, South Africa and other new developing countries.





In exchange, Ni total said:
Why is it happening in passenger electronics for passenger safety? There are two reasons: First, because the small passenger cars to maintain a large, the market is huge; Second, because the passenger, truck body is too large, video technology, hardware and software bottlenecks are higher than the passenger car market, and product cost is not low. This reason leads to more manufacturers prefer to play in the passenger car market. However, there are always some powerful, dare to challenge the manufacturers to deep plowers, trucks based on the camera technology driving safety electronic products market. And, with the continuous progress of technology, to the passenger, trucks brought a real "sense of security." Compared with the passenger car, passenger and forklift safety electronic products market development level is very low, the product type is not much, so stand in the innovation market point of view, the field of market space is still great, we entrepreneurs also There are a lot of solid work to complete. Enterprises need to establish a good marketing and management team, and the introduction of the external think tank team, from the brand promotion, marketing planning and other parties to provide comprehensive support to partners to ensure smooth operation of partners. For partners to provide a steady stream of best-selling products, at the same time, combined with the partners to expand the market and the needs of the promotion, as well as partners, special applications, to give different promotions promotional products concessions. In cooperation with the partners throughout the process, to provide systematic training support, including pre-opening operation training, mid-marketing training, post-performance training to ensure that partners can be independent, worry-free operation. We need to make unremitting efforts, and constantly develop new high-tech automotive products, and constantly improve the production management system and mode of operation, as well as higher requirements of quality assurance, step by step to lead the development of passenger car safety.